IT Solutions
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Information Technology (IT) to improve decision making in agriculture for long has been viewed as having great potential. IT is connected to the global world and the dynamic is changing our life style and social consciousness. In all phases of agriculture, industry, information technology management and business is essential for success. Agriculture has also been greatly influenced by IT.

Precision farming, popular in developed countries, extensively uses IT to make direct contribution to agricultural productivity. The techniques of remote sensing using satellite technologies, geographical information systems, and agronomy and soil sciences are used to increase the agricultural output.

Banking & Financial Services

IT has been providing solutions to banks to take care of their accounting and back office requirements. This has, however, now given way to large scale usage in services aimed at the customer of the banks. IT also facilitates the introduction of new delivery channels--in the form of Automated Teller Machines, Net Banking, Mobile Banking and the like. Further, IT deployment has assumed such high levels that it is no longer possible for banks to manage their IT implementations on a stand alone basis with IT revolution, banks are increasingly interconnecting their computer systems not only across branches in a city but also to other geographic locations with high-speed network infrastructure, and setting up local area and wide area networks and connecting them to the Internet.


Information technology has taken the educational landscape by storm, increasing the learning potential of students and empowering teachers with engaging presentation tools and advanced class-management systems. From preschools to institutions of higher education, a plethora of electronic devices -- laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even smart-boards -- has opened access to vast amounts of information. These tools promote wider participation in the academic community and benefit educators and students alike.


Classroom Management and Interaction

Information technology benefits the management of classrooms by its ability to create and organize in a virtual space. Many schools have adopted Learning Management Systems (LMS) that centralize aspects of courses in such a virtual space (See Reference 2). Teachers can post documents, ebooks, media, and quizzes that are automatically graded. Assignments can be posted and submitted online and grades can be viewed in a single virtual space. Students can access the LMS anytime and never have to worry about losing a paper or carrying a textbook. LMS also facilitates communication, interaction, and collaboration between students and teachers, providing opportunities to send messages, chat, create wikis, compose documents, blog, and share information much like social media sites.

Energy & Utilities

Effective information technology platforms can impact energy efficiency program delivery significantly by providing timely, accurate data that can be used for program management and regulatory requirements, among others. Utilities that are building or expanding their energy efficiency program offerings are evaluating the information technology infrastructure. A good information technology investment will provide solid functionality along with business benefits that will enhance energy efficiency delivery.


Aimed at reforming government through technology, and it covers following:


  • Digitizing business processes of government to improve transactions, simplifying them as well as reducing the lengthiness of procedures.

  • Creating interface between departments and building online application submission and tracking systems.

  • Building and using online repository for school certificate, voter ID cards, etc

  • Integrating UIDAI , Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform  and EDI to various systems

  • Digitizing databases and information, automating workflow inside government departments and implementing IT to respond, analyze  data for identifying and resolving persistent problems.